More Emergencies

During the heavy snowstorms of March 2018 a few brave students in Glasgow’s West-End valiantly defied the elements to provide succour and sustenance to their less able , fellow students . So impressed was I with these efforts that this is my second attempt to depict the scene .

Emergency Supplies in Kelvingrove Park

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Off to Rothesay

Wemyss Bay station is one of the most beautiful train stations in the UK . A wonderful example of very functional architecture . It always dismays me on my way to the ferry and onto Rothesay to see all the car drivers and passengers sat in their vehicles instead of wandering round and enjoying the building . I’ve photographed and painted the station a number of times , and here’s one of my efforts .

Evening Lights at Wemyss Bay Station

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Another in my ongoing series of drawings and paintings examining striped clothes . This is a mixed media drawing using various pencils and drawing pencils as well as a little gouache .

Polina in Stripes

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Sledging in Kelvingrove

The recent ‘Beast from the East’ inclement weather brought the country to a standstill but provided lots of fun from the young ( and young at heart in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park ) . This is a painting trying to catch the fun .

Sledging in the park

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Emergency supplies

During the recent heavy snow many hardships and deprivations were endured by the citizens of Glasgow . Luckily , there were some hardy souls willing to brave the harsh weather to bring sustenance and refreshment to the suffering students of Glasgow’s West -End . I’ve attempted to record one of these selfless acts of bravery here . ( Any sponsorship from Tennent’s gratefully accepted ) .

Emergency Supplies


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I try and doing as much regular drawing from life as I can . This is an experiment in using stripes to define and conceal form . With thanks to Becky for being a very patient model .

Becky in stripes

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Glasgow Girl

This is a common sight throughout Glasgow as the weekend approaches . No point wasting a carrier bag as the bottle will be drained fairly soon .

Friday Night Tipple – Glasgow Girl

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Fotheringham Gallery Exhibition

I currently have a number of paintings on display in the Fotheringham gallery in Bridge of Allan as featured artist for February . This is the catalogue for the show but you can see more details at http://fotheringhamgallery.co.uk/artists/bryan-evans/

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The Male Gaze

I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of artist as voyeur . We artists intently observe the world around us and attempt to represent it in our work . I’ve also been interested since my college days in the way the female form has been used in western art throughout the centuries. There’s been a long history of male artists presenting the female nude for the delectation of the ( usually ) male viewer , often in the form of some myth or Biblical morality tale . Since the Renaissance , numerous bearded elders , randy gods , brave heroes and noble warriors have been depicted , ogling, molesting and assaulting helpless nubile maidens in paintings on the walls of Western grand houses and galleries . An extension of the theme has been the long tradition , continued up to the present day , of the nude, passive , female being observed , coquettish and winsome at her ‘toilet ‘ or in her master’s harem ( or similar ). The common thread of so many of these works is an implied female deference and acceptance of the male gaze .

Now , I’m a heterosexual male and enjoy looking at females as much as the next middle aged codger , but I hope , in my life studies that I portray my female models as believable , vibrant people , who sometimes happen to be naked , not as acquiescent , passive ,’ objects ‘ to be ogled .

In this painting I’ve attempted to explore some of these ruminations . I’ve experimented in it with the notion of the male gaze , by placing a self-portrait centre stage , making myself clearly complicit in any voyeurism , while also doffing my paint-splattered cap to the traditional theme of Venus at her mirror .

A quote exploring notions of nakedness and nudity from the late , great and much lamented John Berger might be a good way to round up my ramblings :

To be naked is to be oneself.
To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself.”

The Male gaze – Self-portrait with Sorcha

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University Commission

‘University Steps’ . I usually go out of my way to avoid commissions and am terrible at completing them , but this is the third one I’ve managed to finish in about a month . Probably something of a record for me .I actually completed this one several weeks ago but I don’t like to share the images until the client had seen it first . Well , the painting has been collected and I think it was considered a success … so here it is for everyone else to see

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