Snow Time

We’re into June and sunny Summer is definitely with us in the West of Scotland so in an effort to post the most inappropriate image I can , here’s one from earlier in the year . ‘Silhouettes in the snow ‘ . Amazing to think that this was just a short 2-3 months ago .


Millport , on the beautiful island of Cumbrae in the Clyde estuary has , for decades been a favourite day-trip for Glaswegians seeking sun , sea and holiday alcohol . I first went there in 1987 and didn’t re-visit until very recently , when I stayed the night in the UK’s smallest cathedral on the… Continue reading Millport

Sally Sitting

A figure study I drew last week . I found the muscles on Sally’s back and arm  fascinating

Window Light

An attempt to depict light from my studio window streaming around the figure , while still making the shadows interesting ( I hope ) . A bit of a looser technique than some of my recent figure studies .

Not Blonde

A recently finished life study . The title is a private joke between me and the model , which I’d happily tell you about , but it wouldn’t be private then , would it ?


This recently finished depiction of Oban seafront was painted as a commission . It’s an image I’ve had at the back of my mind for several years but it sometimes takes the offer of money to get it on paper . I’m fascinated by the way the McCaig’s tower folly looms over the town .

More Emergencies

During the heavy snowstorms of March 2018 a few brave students in Glasgow’s West-End valiantly defied the elements to provide succour and sustenance to their less able , fellow students . So impressed was I with these efforts that this is my second attempt to depict the scene .

Off to Rothesay

Wemyss Bay station is one of the most beautiful train stations in the UK . A wonderful example of very functional architecture . It always dismays me on my way to the ferry and onto Rothesay to see all the car drivers and passengers sat in their vehicles instead of wandering round and enjoying the… Continue reading Off to Rothesay


Another in my ongoing series of drawings and paintings examining striped clothes . This is a mixed media drawing using various pencils and drawing pencils as well as a little gouache .

Sledging in Kelvingrove

The recent ‘Beast from the East’ inclement weather brought the country to a standstill but provided lots of fun from the young ( and young at heart in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park ) . This is a painting trying to catch the fun .