Scottish Portrait Awards 2018

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve got this drawing into the 2018 Scottish Portrait awards . It’s one of a series of figure studies exploring stripes ( I’m making sure I get my money’s worth out of that dress ) . the winners are announced at the end of October so …. fingers crossed

A striped Polina

Another exploration of stripes and the human figure . Polina hated this dress .

St Monan’s Kirk

The church in St Monans in the lovely East Neuk of Fife must be one of the most precariously positioned in Scotland .

Wemyss Bay Station …… again

I’ve painted this structure many times before and intend to do some many times in the future as it’s one of my very favourite buildings . If you’ve not had the chance to see it yet  , take the first opportunity to do so .

Blythswood Square

A largely monochrome and moody depiction of Glasgow nightlife in the city centre . This is a study that I began several years ago but was unhappy with and  abandoned , until a few days ago . Something about the unfinished piece appealed  so , in a spurt of enthusiasm I worked on it and… Continue reading Blythswood Square

Oran Mor

A study of the moon rising over the West-end of Glasgow . The viewpoint is the corner of Byres road and Great Western Road and is dominated by the imposing presence of the Oran Mor bar and venue . This has been created out of a converted church and is a favourite night spot for… Continue reading Oran Mor

More Millport

The second of my larger paintings done as a commission of the lovely Millport Harbour

Bobbing Millport Boats

I was recently commissioned to produce a painting of the lovely harbour at Millport on the Scottish West-coast island of Cumbrae . I often work on several paintings on the same theme at once and I’ve managed to produce two similar (ish) ones . The client who commissioned them seems to be pleased with both… Continue reading Bobbing Millport Boats