Milford Haven

It seems that every small , financially struggling , town has one plucky shop , surviving despite the odds . As high streets throughout the UK succumb to the might of supermarkets , betting shops and charity outlets there’s usually one specialist store that seems ever present and standing firm . In my experience these are often some sort of ironmongers or clothes retailers , businesses that , I suppose depend on personal customer service and specialist knowledge absent from the big superstores .

Whenever I return to my home town of Milford Haven in West Wales a walk down the once bustling Charles street is a depressing experience of boarded up shop-fronts , gap sites and all-too briefly opened and then closed , initially optimistic , but ultimately doomed , new ventures . As long as I can remember though , half way down , there’s been one constant , shining and persistent light . Granby’s is a ‘gentleman’s outfitters ‘ and clothes shop which seems to have barely changed in the 40 odd years I’ve known it , slightly scruffy , in need of a lick of paint , but always strangely welcoming . Every time I re-visit Pembrokeshire I half-expect closed doors or ‘closing down sale ‘ signs in the window , but so far Granby’s is still there struggling resolutely on .

I don’t paint Milford Haven very often , but this is a painting I’ve had in mind for a while . A tribute to all those High Street heroes defying the competition of the out-of-town retail sites and superstores . It’s an acrylic .

‘Heroes of the High Street – Granby’s still open ‘

Heroes of the High Street – Granby’s still open

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