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Dusk lights at Kelvinhall

This is a slightly unusual painting , for me , in a couple of ways . Firstly , it’s the first watercolour I’ve painted in over a year . Because of covid restrictions I’ve been unable have proper access to my main studio ,where most of my equipment and materials are , so , since before the first lockdown , for practical reasons , I’ve only really been able to work properly on acrylic paintings . This was painted as a commission though and , probably for the first time in many years , I worked from someone else’s photograph . This image had particular resonance for the client and they also thought it might work as one of my paintings . I was intrigued , thought the image fitted my style and decided I might be able to develop it into a painting . I felt that it needed the watercolour treatment though so I dug out some of the watercolour materials I do have in my wee isolation studio and had a bash . The client saw it this week and was delighted with the result . I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of working from other people’s photos but it was interesting to be pushed beyond my comfort zone . Waercolour

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