Bryan Evans

Born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in 1964, Bryan Evans has been based in Glasgow, Scotland, since 1988. He specialises in paintings & prints of Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish towns & cities.

He is predominantly a watercolour painter and also produces etchings and mezzotints, as well as a range of reproduction prints. His watercolours and prints have achieved widespread recognition in Scotland, and he was once memorably hailed in the Glasgow Herald as the “New Scottish Impressionist”.

You can contact Bryan at

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A foggy , evening view of Kelvinbridge on Great Western Road in the heart of Glasgow’s West-End

Twilight fog , Kelvinbridge

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Wedding vows

‘Glasgow University Chapel – the wedding vows’ . This is a recently finished commission . It’s acrylic on board and about 34×23 cm in size .Like most of my commissions it took ages to complete as I faffed around with and was originally requested quite a few months ago . Anyhow , the , extremely patient , client has now seen it and is very happy . I believe that any graduate of Glasgow University is permitted to have their wedding ceremony in the chapel and this depicts one of them .

Glasgow University chapel-the wedding vows

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This is a close I’ve done several paintings of over the years , in both watercolour and acrylic , though this is the largest so far . As you might have worked out from the title it depicts a tenement in Partick ( Peel Street if I remember correctly ), in Glasgow’s West-End . I’ve tried to capture the warmth of the evening sunlight as it flows through the West facing window and glances off the bannister and floor . I’ve actually been working on this particular painting for a few years but for ages couldn’t get it to work . I’m satisfied with it now though so I’ve decided it’s finished .

Late sunlight in Partick

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The Angel Building

‘Dusk on the Angel Building – Paisley Road Toll’ The spectacular Angel building straddles the junction of Paisley Road West and Govan Road on Glasgow’s Southside . I always like to think the angel sculpture at the top of the tower is looking down on the good ( and not so good ) citizens of Govan to make sure they’re behaving themselves . A thankless task I imagine .

Dusk on the Angel building – Paisley Road Toll

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Close canoodlings

One of an on-going series of paintings depicting romantic encounters in tenement closes .

In close in a close

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St Enochs

The lovely old St Enoch travel centre building in the heart of Glasgow city centre . Once the main entrance to the city’s ‘clockwork orange’ subway system and now a coffee shop . The painting is acrylic on board .

St Enochs shopping

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Tron Church , Glasgow city centre

This picture depicts the northern end of Glasgow’s famous commercial thoroughfare , Buchanan Street . The imposing building looming in the background is the St George’s Tron Church The painting is acrylic on board , approx 50×25 cm in size

Night shopping on Buchanan Street

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New Commission

My latest finished painting . It’s a little unusual for me as , as well as being a commission , which I usually try to avoid , it’s also painted from the client’s own photograph . I use photos quite a bit for my work but they’re pretty much exclusively taken by me . I like to think that I use the photographic image , rather than copy it . In fact I usually work from a number of photos or a composite montage of them ( the wonders of Photoshop ) . The photo partly acts as a memory aid to remind me why the subject interested me in the first place . In this instance though , the client was particularly interested in this particular close and sent me a few images . West of Scotland closes often have a similar design and I’ve painted many like this so I didn’t feel I was stepping too far out of my comfort zone so I thought I’d have a go.

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Wally Tiles

I’ve painted a few versions of this close as I’m fascinated with the tile pattern . For the non-Glaswegians , a wally close is one with tiles lining the walls ( and in this case , floor)

Tiles & Reflections

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Ashton Lane part two

Another of a series of paintings of the West End of Glasgow’s favourite watering hole . Acrylic on board

Arm in arm down Ashton Lane

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