Bryan Evans

Born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in 1964, Bryan Evans has been based in Glasgow, Scotland, since 1988. He specialises in paintings & prints of Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish towns & cities.

He is predominantly a watercolour painter and also produces etchings and mezzotints, as well as a range of reproduction prints. His watercolours and prints have achieved widespread recognition in Scotland, and he was once memorably hailed in the Glasgow Herald as the “New Scottish Impressionist”.

You can contact Bryan at daibry2000@yahoo.co.uk

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Scottish Portrait Awards 2018

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve got this drawing into the 2018 Scottish Portrait awards . It’s one of a series of figure studies exploring stripes ( I’m making sure I get my money’s worth out of that dress ) . the winners are announced at the end of October so …. fingers crossed

Becky in Stripes

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A striped Polina

Another exploration of stripes and the human figure . Polina hated this dress .

Polina in her favourite striped dress

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St Monans Kirk …..again

Another variation on St Monans Church

Evening light on St Monans’ Church

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St Monan’s Kirk

The church in St Monans in the lovely East Neuk of Fife must be one of the most precariously positioned in Scotland .

Dusk on St Monan’s Church

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Wemyss Bay Station …… again

I’ve painted this structure many times before and intend to do some many times in the future as it’s one of my very favourite buildings . If you’ve not had the chance to see it yet  , take the first opportunity to do so .

Ticket Buying at Wemyss Bay Station

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Blythswood Square

A largely monochrome and moody depiction of Glasgow nightlife in the city centre . This is a study that I began several years ago but was unhappy with and  abandoned , until a few days ago . Something about the unfinished piece appealed  so , in a spurt of enthusiasm I worked on it and finished to my satisfaction today .

Hug by Lamplight – Blythswood Square

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Oran Mor

A study of the moon rising over the West-end of Glasgow . The viewpoint is the corner of Byres road and Great Western Road and is dominated by the imposing presence of the Oran Mor bar and venue . This has been created out of a converted church and is a favourite night spot for the city’s glitterati .

Moon over Oran Mor

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More Millport

The second of my larger paintings done as a commission of the lovely Millport Harbour

Dusk in Millport Harbour

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Bobbing Millport Boats

I was recently commissioned to produce a painting of the lovely harbour at Millport on the Scottish West-coast island of Cumbrae . I often work on several paintings on the same theme at once and I’ve managed to produce two similar (ish) ones . The client who commissioned them seems to be pleased with both and is currently deciding . I’ll post an image of the other painting , here , fairly soon .

Boats and Reflections , Millport

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Polina in Profile

A dark and moody figure study , finished last week .

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